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What You Should Do if You Are Injured While Working in a Gas Station or Convenience Store


Gas station and convenience store workers here in Florida often work long hours in an important function – running a store that provides gasoline and amenities to everyone from locals to our state’s many visitors. The National Association of Convenience Stores has indicated that about 40 million Americans refill their vehicle each day at one of the nearly 122,000 convenience stores in the United States that sell fuel. This industry provides a source of support for workers and their families.

However, these workers also face risks in the scope of employment as statistics indicate that injuries among gas station workers are quite common. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2017 there were 2.2 workplace injuries and illnesses per every 100 full-time workers in gasoline stations. That same year, there were 37 workplace-related fatalities per every 100 workers.

What Kind of Injuries Can a Gas Station Worker Incur?

Gas station and convenience store workers can be injured in variety of ways that can result in injuries such as:

  • Bruises and lacerations
  • Soft-tissue sprains
  • Fractures and broken bones
  • Lumbar back and neck injuries
  • Heat-related burns
  • Chemical burns
  • Traumatic brain injuries

What Should I do if I am Injured While Working at a Gas Station or Convenience Store?

  • Alert your manager and file an accident report. If you become injured at work, alert your manager as soon as possible. Even if you initially think your injury is minor, it is still best to report what occurred just in case you happen to be wrong. Additionally, ensure that your account of what occurred is documented in an accident report that you are given a copy of.
  • Utilize electronics to your advantage. Take pictures and record video of the scene of the accident with the camera on your smartphone. Additionally, look around the scene for surveillance cameras and note where they are located. This is probably the best example of a neutral source that can almost irrefutably substantiate your account of events.
  • Write a journal entry. As soon as you are able, record your account of how you were injured by writing down as much information as you can remember. Make sure that you write down important details you are unlikely to recall later, such the name and contact information of anyone who witnessed the accident.
  • Get professional medical help if needed. While your job should have basic medical supplies to help treat a simple injury, many workplace injuries require a visit to the emergency room and/or a visit to a primary care provider. Do not delay pursuing medical treatment if you suspect that you require treatment as doing so too late can prevent you from being able to pursue workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Obtain competent legal help. If you believe that your injury entitles you to workers’ compensation benefits, then you should reach out to an experienced workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible.

Have You Been Injured While Working at a Gas Station?

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury while working at a gas station that you believe warrants entitlement to workers’ compensation benefits, allow us to help. The process for obtaining workers’ compensation benefits can be overwhelming and challenging for anyone who has been injured at work. Fortunately, the Miami workers’ compensation attorneys at Payer & Associates have significant experience helping people like you and you should allow us to help you get the benefits you deserve. Begin by contacting us today to schedule a free consultation.


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