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Client Testimonials

My review for Mr. Payer is truthful and accurate. Mr. Payer has been a very helpful professional lawyer he was very helpful in my cases. He knew exactly the in and outs of the insurance procedures and how they would try to discourage me to keep following up on my case and believe me they will try to do so it was like pulling teeth to get meds etc. I had no patience. Mr. Payer had it all. Patience, knowledge, strategies & respect. Sometimes I would be frustrated and full of anxiety and by talking with him I would be relieved of these symptoms. He has a way of handling situations in a very professional matter with results. His results were amazing he got my treatments, meds, operations and money. He was always there for me. If I were to recommend any lawyer he would be the one. 24/7, 150 % Mr. James payer he is a real lawyer, more than anything trustworthy.

Tito Allan Arroyo, Former Client

I had the pleasure of having James represent me recently. He represented me in a compensation case against a major big box company. His office staff was always polite and kind to me. Collectively James and his team worked together to provide justice for me and my family. I highly recommend James Payer he is a professional, knowledgeable and experienced attorney. James was recommended to me by a family member, and it was a decision I never regretted. When times got rough for me, he made me felt confident in my case and took time do address all of my concerns. I am very happy with the outcome of my case and I recommend James without any reservation.

Tammy Coney-Downs, Former Client

Dear Reader,

I am a Florida-based Business College Professor and Business Consultant, who hired Atty. James Payer and his practice to help me with my legal case. Atty. Payer and his staff were professional, effective and efficient in making the legal process to go as smoothly as possible for me under such difficult circumstances. Because the law is complex and highly specialized, you must find an attorney with specific expertise in the area that you need help with. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to distinguish the expert from the dabbler— indeed, television commercials, print ads, internet marketing often contain more style than substance. Nevertheless, the most reliable indicators of a quality attorney are years of experience, depth of knowledge, attention to details, and trustworthiness to mention a few. By all means, while it might take some extra effort to find the right attorney for you, it can make all the difference in your case.

Diana Benavides, Former Client

It is my duty to advocate on behalf of Payer Law for the courtesy shown during and after the proceeding of my case. Mr. James D. Payer is a diligent attorney who is very well versed in personal injury and workers compensation law. Furthermore, Mr. James D. Payer years of personal injury experience, and knowledgeable staff facilitated a very easy understanding of the personal injury law.

In 2002, all odds were against me when I slipped and fell at work. I am head of household and I could not afford to miss a day from work. I lay on the hard concrete floor thinking what just happened here before realizing that the construction crew did not have any cautionary sign displayed. A few hours later a co-worker handed me Mr. James D. Payer business card. I called the Payer Law office located in Miami, and within a few hours pertinent facts were collected from the incident.

I was very fortunate to have been introduced to the Payer Law because the advised that I received from Mr. James D. Payer concerning my case and Florida Workers Compensation Law has allowed me to make the appropriate decisions concerning work and family. I highly recommend Payer Law to family and friends because Mr. James D. Payer and staff responded to my e-mails and returned phone calls in a timely manner; I received periodic phone calls concerning doctor’s appointments and required documents needed for my case. Open communication is very important especially for someone like me who is 69 years old, and speak very little English. I will always treasure the extreme professionalism that was shown to me at the Payer Law office in Miami.

Mr. James D. Payer is a fighter, and he fought for me, and he will do the same for you.

Thank you to Mr. James D. Payer and staff for handling my case with care.

Maree T. Mareeuc, Former Client

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