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No parent can watch over their child all of the time. When childhood accidents rise to the level of a serious injury, parents have the right to know what happened and to hold accountable any negligent adult responsible. Adults have a legal duty to protect children from harm when possible. If an adult responsible for supervising a child neglected his or her obligation, they may be held liable for a child’s injury that occurred while in their care. A negligent adult or agency supervising children may be compelled to compensate the parents and child for their injuries and associated losses.

Certainly, obtaining proper medical care is your first concern after your child has been injured. But soon it is appropriate to consider what’s right in terms of covering the costs of your child’s injuries. In the Greater Miami area of South Florida, Payer & Associates can help you seek what you are due. Our compassionate child injury lawyers can help you pursue compensation for injuries that should not have happened to your child.

Our Attorneys Will Stand With You on Your Injured Child’s Behalf

If a child has been injured while under the supervision of an adult whose negligence or recklessness allowed the injury to happen, the irresponsible adult may be held liable. In many cases, a negligent adult’s employer — such as a day care center — can be held liable as well.

  • The attorneys of Payer & Associates have dedicated their legal practice to standing up for injured people and their families, including injured children, in the Miami-Dade and Broward county areas. We help families put their lives back together after traumatic events.
  • The entire team at Payer & Associates responds when children are involved. You will know you are not alone when you turn to Payer & Associates for assistance with a child personal injury claim.
  • Attorneys James D. Payer and Christian G. Payer bring 40 years of combined legal experience in South Florida to your case. They balance a compassionate regard for your family’s needs with an aggressive pursuit of maximum compensation from those whose negligence caused you harm.

Contact Payer & Associates to discuss your child’s injury and a potential legal claim today. We provide straight-forward, no-nonsense personal assistance, and do not request a fee to begin work on your case. In fact, we don’t charge for legal services – or the expense of investigating and filing your claims – unless and until we recover money for you.

There’s no risk on your part. Our goal is to make your family whole financially. Call our child injury attorney now.

Was a Negligent Adult Responsible for Your Child’s Injury?

The legal concept of in loco parentis (“in the place of a parent”) protects our children — and us as parents — when we entrust the care of our kids to others. The Latin phrase refers to the legal responsibility of some person or organization to perform some of the functions or responsibilities of a parent.

When a child has been injured while under adult supervision in loco parentis, the law allows us to hold the temporary substitutes for parents liable if they have neglected their duty for the safety of the child. This includes among others:

  • Babysitters
  • Day care workers
  • Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Camp counselors
  • Day care centers
  • Youth organizations
  • Civic groups
  • Schools
  • Playground and park operators

Payer & Associates can help you hold a negligent individual and/or organization accountable for the harm your child and your family have suffered.

Compensation for a Child’s Injuries Caused by Adult Negligence

When a child has been injured due to an adult’s negligence, a legal claim is actually two separate actions: one on behalf of the child and one by the parents financially responsible for the child. Your claim could seek compensation for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Future lost income
  • Wrongful death damages

In the case of a child’s injury, we pay special attention to the future. If a child’s injury is disabling or disfiguring, it may cause lasting harm and expense, such as for assistive devices and special education needs, as well as for anticipated medical procedures.

Proper accounting for child injury costs and losses also includes the time expended and potential loss of income the parents face as they provide their child additional assistance and advocacy to obtain care, services, etc., needed because of the child’s injury. And, unfortunately, we must be mindful of future pain, suffering and emotional distress of a child who is unable to participate fully in activities of childhood, youth, young adulthood and beyond. This may include barriers to higher education, employment, dating, marriage and a future family – all of which he or she should be compensated for. Again, the parents’ distress at seeing the life their child should have had unjustly taken from them should be compensated for, as well.

Payer & Associates pursues comprehensive claims in cases of accidental injuries to children. When a child’s injuries are disabling, we work with life care consultants to calculate future medical care and assistance needs, and their costs. We work with parents and other family members to assess and properly portray the true extent of the family’s loss. All of your and your child’s losses should be represented in your injury claim and compensated in the settlement you receive. Our aim as your child injury attorneys will be to obtain a settlement that makes your family whole financially, and ensures your child’s future financial stability as well. Our attorneys negotiate aggressively with insurers for appropriate settlements, which when obtainable resolve the case quicker and allow you and your family to get on with your recovery. However, we are always prepared to fight for full payment to you in court if necessary.

Contact Us About Your Child’s Injuries in an Accident

If your child has suffered serious injuries while in another adult’s supervision, you and your child may be eligible for compensation to pay medical expenses and other costs and losses. Don’t count on an insurance company representing a day care center, youth organization, school, etc., to treat your family fairly. Payer & Associates, a injury lawyers in Miami that assists families visited by tragedy, can counsel you about your legal options and the full extent of compensation you may recover.

Contact us now to discuss your injured child’s future in a free, no-obligation legal consultation.

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