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Some of the most serious injuries occurring on construction sites and in warehouses involve forklift and crane accidents. Workers have been crushed, lost limbs, and lost their lives due to the unsafe use and maintenance of forklifts and cranes. Often, employers, maintenance professionals and manufacturers could have prevented these accidents by properly training workers and ensuring that equipment is, in fact, safe for use. At Payer & Associates, our forklift & crane accident lawyers help victims of serious workplace injuries obtain fair compensation for harm they have suffered—compensation that can meaningfully contribute to a maximum possible recovery.

Frequent Causes of Forklift & Crane Accidents

When on the job, people want to get the job done, and anything that can help that happen, including heavy equipment like forklifts and cranes, is readily put to good use. Too often, however, safety precautions and maintenance procedures are forgotten or sidelined in the interest of productivity. Common—and entirely preventable—causes of forklift and crane accidents include:

  • Lack of training on the safe use and operation of forklifts and cranes
  • Failure to perform regular forklift and crane safety inspections
  • Defective or missing audible and visual warning devices on the equipment
  • Speeding and operating equipment without appropriate care or caution
  • Overloading forklifts and cranes
  • Failure to keep other workers a safe distance from forklifts and cranes while in operation

Many companies in Florida allow workers to operate forklifts and cranes without certification, and perhaps even without a license, which means it’s up to the employer to ensure workers have been properly trained on forklift and crane operation. However, the amount of training required for safe forklift and crane operation is not occurring on most jobsites—the primary reason for forklift and crane accidents is lack of forklift and crane operation training. If you were injured in a forklift or crane accident and you believe your workplace lacks proper training procedures, please call us. Your claim will not only help you; it will help all other employees working in unnecessarily hazardous circumstances.

Payer & Associates Provides Strong Representation for Victims of Forklift & Crane Accidents—Call Us for Help!

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury in a forklift or crane accident in the Miami area, please call Payer & Associates for all the information and help you need to make a successful claim for appropriate compensation. Often, a simple workers’ compensation claim won’t cover all the costs arising from a forklift or crane accident injury. Our attorneys will explore every option you have for recovery and fight for your best outcome.

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