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Millions of visitors travel to Miami and Fort Lauderdale every year in order to relax and vacation in our beautiful metropolitan area. South Florida hotels and convention centers are a destination for many conventions and corporate conferences every year. Additionally, many of our local residents travel to and stay, dance, dine out and otherwise visit our hotels to relax and dine out during their free time and to visit with friends who are visiting them from out of town. Unfortunately, while walking inside the many hotels and on their property in South Florida many local residents and our visitors are seriously injured in slip and fall accidents that are avoidable if the hotel had taken appropriate precautionary actions to keep their property safe.

At Payer & Associates, we are committed to fighting for people who are seriously injured in slip and fall accidents at a hotel in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. For the past 20 years the hotel liability lawyers at Payer & Associates have been providing hotel slip and fall victims and their families with the aggressive legal representation they need to help them hold South Florida hotels responsible for their negligence.

How to Hold a Hotel Accountable for a Slip and Fall Accident in South Florida

As with most slip and fall accidents in South Florida the plaintiff has the burden of proving that the hotel was negligent and that this negligence caused the dangerous condition that caused them to slip and fall. In order to accomplish this the plaintiff will need to show that the hotel had actual knowledge or constructive knowledge of the condition that caused the slip and fall accident. Actual knowledge can sometimes be proven using video surveillance footage, witness statements as well as the maintenance records of the hotel. Constructive notice of the dangerous condition is usually proven by showing that the hotel should have known by showing that the condition had existed for a substantial period of time or the fact that the dangerous condition occurred at the hotel with some frequency prior to the date of someone’s slip and fall such that the hotel should have known of the the dangerous condition’s existence.

Call Our Lawyers if You or a Loved One were the Victim of a Slip and Fall Accident in Miami

Slip and fall accidents at hotels in South Florida happen far too frequently and the injuries and consequences their victims and the families are forced to endure can be life changing. Hotels in Miami and Fort Lauderdale should be held accountable and forced to pay their victims and their families the money they deserve to compensate them for their injuries.

The experienced Miami hotel liability lawyers at Payer & Associates are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help anyone injured in a slip and fall accident at hotels in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Call Payer & Associates today for aggressive legal representation against hotels for slip and fall accidents on their property. All consultations are free and 100% confidential.

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