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Texting While Driving Believed to be Cause of Accident That Killed JoJo Nicolas

It is believed that the former standout University of Miami football player JoJo Nicolas died suddenly because of texting and driving. It has been reported that he was on his cellular phone speaking to his girlfriend when he told her that he just received a text from a former teammate and that after a short pause, during which he may have been reading the text she heard the loud crash of the accident where JoJo smashed his vehicle into the back of a tractor trailer.

Images of the horrible accident on westbound I-395 near Miami Beach remain clear in the minds of South Floridians who there to witness the aftermath of the accident or saw the photographs in the news afterwards. These images showed us all that life is short and that taking your eyes off of the road while driving, even if just for just a second, can have life changing consequences for the you and your loved ones.

This terrible tragedy serves as an unfortunate reminder about the perils of texting and driving. No text or phone call is important enough to justify any automobile accident, especially an automobile accident involving serious injury or death as in this case.

During his funeral this week many of his former teammates praised Nicolas as a great teammate, friend and father. Nicolas is survived by 5-month-old son Jayden, Nicolas’ mother Sharon Grant, father Josselet Nicolas, and brothers Elliot Davis, Aaron Davis and Abner Davis.

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