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Lawsuits Incoming After Rapper Shooting


Injured patrons of a restaurant are considering legal action against a rapper who was shooting a video when gunshots rang out, injuring ten people. While no one was killed, the incident resulted in injuries that required medical attention. It appears that rapper French Montana was the target of the hit. The video shoot was impromptu and the restaurant denies any foreknowledge of the incident, which is an important claim.

If the restaurant told the rapper that he could use their premises to shoot a scene, then the restaurant would have contributed to the dangerous situation. If the restaurant has no idea that a scene is being shot when the bullets fly, then it’s the rapper and the shooters who are responsible for the injuries.

Analyzing the allegations 

The production team failed to get the necessary permits required for the video shoot, so that is a serious problem. The restaurant was never put on notice that there would be a shoot, so that is a serious problem. Then, you have the fact that the rapper put everyone in the restaurant in harm’s way by getting himself shot at, so that too is a problem.

In a statement released via Twitter, the rapper told fans that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, which is more true because he failed to secure the permission of the restaurant or the government prior to the video.

In other words, there appears to be no reasonable theory of liability to hold the restaurant accountable for the incident. This is, in fact, rare, because often, restaurants and bars do contribute liability to these incidents in the form of negligent security. Nonetheless, the restaurant did nothing to contribute to this situation and could file a lawsuit against the rapper if they so desired.

One individual, a blogger, announced plans to file a lawsuit against the rapper after he was shot. He told the press that when he heard gunshots, he started running, but at some point, fell to the ground. It was then he realized that he’d been shot.

No one was killed during this incident, but whoever was doing the shooting did not particularly care about collateral damage.

The worst allegation against the rapper is that the issue could have been prevented by securing police presence and obtaining the proper permits. Theories of negligence against the rapper will pin liability on him and his crew on this basis.

This is a strange situation because the plaintiffs will contend that the rapper is a “magnet” for violent altercations. Since this is predictable, the rapper has a duty of care to ensure the safety of those around him. Additionally, the rapper had a duty of care to ensure the safety of those around him. Beyond this, no one consented to the risk of a violent attack.

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