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Bob Saget’s Family Suing After Unexplained Hotel Room Death


News organizations have been discussing Bob Saget’s death for some time now. His family members want to keep the details of his passing as private as possible, for understandable reasons. However, many details have already been published by the media, and people have been left scratching their heads as a result. No one can really figure out how this individual died, and perhaps it will always be something of a mystery. We do know that he passed away while staying at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, and that he suffered a serious brain injury that seems to have caused his death.

Despite their desire for privacy, the family is starting to take legal action, and more details could be revealed as these lawsuits proceed. It may be that the family members will eventually sue the Ritz-Carlton, especially if it can be proven that Saget’s death was caused by some kind of accident or hazard within the hotel room. This may very well be the case, especially when you consider some of the latest theories regarding the cause of death.

When family members sue in this manner, it is known as a “wrongful death” lawsuit. This means that the family members file a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of their loved one, and this can allow them to recover compensation for things like loss of future earnings, funeral expenses, and so on. A qualified, experienced attorney is needed to proceed with this type of lawsuit.

Bob Saget’s Death Could Have Been Caused by a Falling Headboard 

At first, Bob Saget’s fatal head injury made no sense. The injury was consistent with being struck by a baseball bat or falling more than 30 feet, according to medical examiners. The strangest thing of all is that as far as we can tell, no one else could have entered the hotel room at the time of Bob’s passing. The electronic door key system clearly shows that he was the only person in the room during this time.

TMZ recently reported on a new theory that involves the headboard in the hotel room. The theory is quite straightforward – the headboard could have fallen off the wall and struck Saget’s head while he was sleeping. This could have delivered enough force to kill him, and it could mean that the Ritz-Carlton is in danger of being sued for negligence. Of course, this is all speculation, and we must wait for further information before we can start pointing fingers. One thing’s for sure: Bob Saget’s death continues to stump all observers.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today 

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