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Bad Weather Increases Risk for Automobile Accidents and Slip and Fall Injuries

This week a large part of the United States and even the usually warm and sunny state of Florida is experiencing extremely cold weather as the result of a polar vortex or hurricane as some have called it. These types of bad weather events effect many facets of our everyday lives and result in an increased risk of injury that many of us don’t think about during our busy lives.

For those of us who live in Florida, icy conditions rarely, if ever, happen (for me in South Florida they never happen) but wet and windy conditions occur frequently and result in a large increase in automobile accidents and even slip and fall accidents. The weather storms that frequent residents and visitors of Florida cause wet slippery conditions that we all need to be aware of and during which we should all exercise extra caution to avoid being involved in an accident.

When it’s raining most of us are in a hurry to 1) get where we are going and avoid the rain; and 2) if we are walking in the rain we tend to do the exact opposite of what we should. We hurry making us drive faster than normal and we walk fast and sometimes we even run. All while the surfaces we are driving and walking on are more slippery. These two are the ingredients for an accident resulting in serious personal injury in automobile accidents and slip and fall accidents.

During times of wet and windy conditions that frequent Florida we should all allow additional time to get where we are going, even if we get wet in the process. Wet clothes are preferable to suffering serious bodily injury.

If you were recently injured in a car accident or if you slipped and fell while on another person’s property, contact Payer Law today.

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