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What is MMI and how does it affect my workplace accident or automobile accident case in Miami?

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“MMI” stands for “Maximum Medical Improvement.” That’s a very important acronym in your case because that’s the point in time where the doctor that you are treating with for your accident feels that he or she can no longer do anything else for you in order to help you recover from your injuries. You’ve reached the end of the road, you’ve gone thru your physical therapy, you received you pain management, you maybe even underwent surgery, but at that point they no longer can do anything for you, and that’s the point usually where your lawyer will get involved, use that “Maximum Medical Improvement” report from the doctor together with any permanent impairment they may give you as a result of the accident and then you submit that to the insurance company in the form of a demand package and request money. The amount of your request or the demand that you put forth would usually be reflected in what that permanent impairment rating the doctor gives you is.


“MMI” stands for “Maximum Medical Improvement.” That’s a very important acronym in any personal injury or workers’ compensation case, because that is the point in time that the doctor you are treating with for your accident feels that he or she no longer can do anything else for you to help you recover more from the injuries that you sustained in your accident.


From a medical perspective you have reached the end of the road except for palliative care, which is care to treat your pain and other symptoms. You may have undergone surgery. You have possibly gone through physical therapy. You may have received pain management treatment including injections and pharmaceuticals such as pain medications, anti-inflammatory medications or muscle relaxers. You may also have scarring or other disfigurement that cannot be further improved. But at that point, they no longer can do anything for you that will improve your condition. They can only manage your condition to help minimize the way it impacts your day to day life.

Usually, when you’re placed at MMI your doctor will assign you a permanent impairment (percentage of how your body as a whole was impaired) as a result of the injuries sustained in the accident. At this point, your lawyer will get involved, by using the maximum medical improvement report from the doctor including the permanent impairment given as a result of your accident together with your treatment records and present a “demand” for settlement of your case.

The “demand” should be a letter which details your injuries (past and future), financial damages (past and future) and financial losses (past and future) and the amount of financial compensation demanded for each together with a sum or total amount demanded. The demand should be carefully crafted to include great detail and include all damages in order to help the recipient properly and efficiently evaluate your claim. Your lawyer will then submit this demand to the insurance company, defendant or employer and await their response at which point the negotiations process begins.

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