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How do I win a personal injury claim?

You win a personal injury case by handling your case properly from the moment you’re injured all the way through trial.

The attorneys at Payer & Associates are committed to aggressively representing people who are seriously injured in personal injury cases in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. We know what it takes to prove your personal injury case as for more than 20 years the attorneys at Payer & Associates have been handling per personal injury cases in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

The first step is case investigation. You have to obtain photographs at the accident scene. You have to take witness statements. Then you have to get the medical records for all of the medical treatment that the injured person has received.

And then if the case actually has to go to trial, you need to be able to present all of those elements to a jury in an effective manner. You do that by obtaining witness statements, by having accident scene photos, by having medical records, and even by going and talking to the doctors and getting those doctors to explain to the jury and the jurors how those injuries are going to affect that client in the remainder of their lives.

Keep the following in mind during your case and when preparing for trial:

1. Documenting the accident:

  • Ensure you write down exactly what happened, not just after, but also before and during the accident. Writing it down will keep the details fresh and ensure you do not forget the important details that may fade in your mind after some time.
  • Take all circumstantial evidence into consideration. This can include the time of day, the weather during the incident, and who was present.
  • Also important is to note how the person who caused the injury acted after the incident. Try to be attentive to their attitude: did that person apologize? Did he or she offer to pay your medical expenses? While not all of the statements made may be admitted at trial, they could be used in a settlement negotiation.

2. Finding your witnesses:

  • If you are mobile post the accident, look for nearby people who may have seen what happened. If there is a family member or friend with you at the time of the accident, ask them as well. Remember, do not wait to document these visual cues; memories quickly fade after time.
  • After you locate possible witnesses, ask if they are willing to make a statement about what they saw.
  • Make sure to collect their statements and contact information (including full name, address, and contact information).
  • If the case does make it to trial, a witness testimonial could play a critical part in establishing your case. Jurors typically trust the words of a third party witness as they are not invested in the outcome of the case and will generally answer fairly and honestly.

3. Photographing the scene and bodily injuries of the accident:

  • In certain cases, photographing the potential danger of a property can help your case. If you are immobile, you can ask a friend or family member to take photos on your behalf.
  • Make sure you take photos from a variety of angles, showcasing the accident scene from multiple viewpoints.
  • Adhere to the scene of the crime as best as possible. For example, if you were injured at night, it is best to take the photos of the scene at night time.
  • Take photos of your injuries as soon as possible as the injuries will be more serious and dramatic soon after the incident.

4. Document your injuries from the accident using medical records & testimony:

  • You need to establish your injuries from the accident.
  • You need to establish a permanent injury when involved in an automobile crash case in Florida.
  • Have your treating doctor testify as well as an expert witness to tell the jury about your injuries from a doctor’s perspective.

If you’ve been injured in an accident and want to speak to an attorney please contact the experienced attorneys at Payer & Associates at (786) 509-7484, (954) 463-2111 or 305-854-4442 we are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week with offices located in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

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