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How do I pick a personal injury lawyer in Miami or Fort Lauderdale?

There are many personal injury attorneys on television, billboards, and on the internet in South Florida. Additionally, there are many more attorney referral networks and medical referral networks that are spending millions of dollars in advertising every year seeking personal injury and more specifically auto accident cases. Most of these attorneys and referral networks get and handle a large volume of personal injury cases, most of which involve only minor injuries, and are unable to provide much personal service and attention to your case as a smaller more personal boutique type of law firm can provide you and your family members.

I have been practicing personal injury law in South Florida for more 20 years. I’ve committed my entire professional life to aggressively representing injury victims involved in personal injury cases in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. During my 20 plus years or practicing law I’ve been representing only injury victims and have handled thousands of personal injury cases getting my clients over one hundred million dollars for their personal injuries or the loss of a family member as a result of someone’s negligent actions.

When choosing a personal injury attorney to represent you or a loved one after you’ve been hurt in an accident in Miami and Fort Lauderdale it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Does the attorney specialize in personal injury or does he handle other types of cases also, such as divorce or bankruptcy?
  • How long has the personal injury attorney been practicing personal injury law?
  • Does the personal injury attorney only represent injury victims and their families or does he or she also represent insurance companies?
  • The personal injury attorney’s past case results?
  • Has the personal injury attorney handled a case like yours in his career, if so what were the results?
  • Will the personal injury attorney handle my case personally or will he or she refer your case out to a different attorney?
  • Is he or she willing to file suit and represent you in court if the case does not settle to your satisfaction?

Accident victims are very often scared after their accident or the loss of a family member and don’t know what to do or who to turn to for the help they desperately need. I recommend that anyone involved in an accident with personal injuries immediately contact several personal injury attorneys who only practice in the area of personal injury law and ask them the above questions as well as any others you may have. If he or she can’t answer your questions to your satisfaction then that attorney isn’t for you. Remember, the hiring of a personal injury attorney after a serious accident is a big decision and should not be taken lightly by you or the personal injury attorney with whom you consult.

You also should avoid hiring a personal injury lawyer who also represents corporations and insurance companies because any possible conflict of interest could derail your case. While no ethical personal injury attorney would intentionally take your personal injury case if he or she had a conflict, a conflict could arise later causing your personal injury attorney to suddenly withdraw from your case leaving you searching for a new personal injury attorney in the middle of your case which cause you significant lost time and money in your personal injury case.

Additionally, it’s generally recommended that you hire a personal injury attorney who has a significant amount of experience handling personal injury cases in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

While most personal injury cases settle before ever going to court or before a jury at trial, it’s important that you hire a personal injury lawyer that knows how to file suit and present your case before a jury. This is because insurance companies know which South Florida attorneys are aggressive and will go to court to get their clients the money they deserve for their injuries and those who only negotiate and settle cases and are willing to take less money as a result.

Many people don’t realize how recent injuries will impact their lives five, ten, twenty or more years down the road. That is why presenting the facts of your case to a jury and being able to explain to them the full scope of the injuries and their devastating effect on your life is extremely important. Allowing that jury to make a proper determination as to how to compensate you and your loved ones for those injuries and their effects in the future is crucial.

If you or a loved one has been injured any type of accident you may need the services of an experienced personal injury attorney in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. If you would like to speak to a personal injury attorney call the experienced personal injury attorneys at Payer & Associates at (786) 509-7484, (954) 463-2111 or Toll Free at 305-854-4442 today. Our attorneys are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and we have offices located in Miami and Fort Lauderdale to better serve our clients.

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