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Only Fans Model Sued After Murder Of Boyfriend


The family of a Florida man who was stabbed to death by his former girlfriend has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the girlfriend who is also facing charges for second-degree murder. Intentional torts do exist. Not all tort lawsuits are built on claims of negligence. In cases where someone intentionally causes harm, you can file a lawsuit. In the event that a defendant kills another person, their family can file a wrongful death lawsuit against the perpetrator.

However, other plaintiffs have been named in the lawsuit including the property owner of the condo in which the couple cohabitated and various companies that the condo contracted with. The victim was fatally stabbed in April of 2022.

The defendant, a now-26-year-old woman, has claimed that she was the victim of domestic violence and she stabbed her boyfriend in self-defense. It remains unclear what evidence she has produced to this effect.

Allegations against the condo 

The plaintiffs claim that there was a documented pattern of domestic violence and that the boyfriend was the primary victim of that domestic violence. The plaintiffs claim that there is evidence to implicate the condo and its security team.

Negligent security lawsuits are property-torts or premises liability lawsuits that are filed against property owners. The majority of defendants in these cases are stores, restaurants, and especially bars. However, landlords also get hit with negligent security lawsuits in cases where there is a pattern of violence on the premises. In these cases, the plaintiff must be able to establish that the defendant had foreknowledge of potential violence, and that there was a remedy at their disposal that could have prevented death or injury.

According to the plaintiffs, police had been called to the premises on at least 6 occasions. If the condo had a policy of responding to domestic violence proactively and failed to follow that policy, then the plaintiffs have a very strong case against the condo.

Ultimately, the plaintiffs must establish both foreknowledge and a potential remedy. As an example, multiple cases in which police are called to the property could indicate a serious problem not only for the couple but other guests as well. Condos typically have strict policies when it comes to the conduct of the tenants. So, you would expect that a condo would proactively deal with law enforcement showing up on their property on a continual basis.

The next question becomes: Could the condo, by enforcing their own policy, have stopped the murder from occurring? If so, then the plaintiffs have all the elements they need to prove that the condo contributed liability in this wrongful death.

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In some cases, an incident that occurs in a rental or housing unit is the responsibility of the landlord. Negligent security lawsuits are complex and require a skilled personal injury lawyer to file. Call the Miami personal injury lawyers at Payer Law today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how we can help.


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