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4th Of July Hazards Video Blog


Fourth of July is a time for fireworks, friends and celebrating our freedom. But it’s also a time when there are more accidents due to drivers who are distracted, texting or drinking.

Personal Injury Attorney, James Payer reminds you to be careful this 4th.

“If you’re injured in an auto accident on the 4th of July or you’re injured as a result of fireworks at someone’s house or at a public event, you need to contact an attorney right away so they can handle your case and get you the money you deserve as a result of that accident.”

If you’re counting on your insurance company being by your side, your hopes may fizzle out like a 4th of July sparkler.

“You see these cars and trucks with insurance company names written on the side of them. You think they’re out there to help people that are in accidents. Most of the time they’re out there to help their own company avoid paying claims.”

Tactics may include:

  • Contacting you early to have you say something or give them information regarding your accident that limits your injuries.
  • Contacting witnesses at the scene right away.

So be safe this holiday but if you get injured,

Lean on James Payer and Associates, you can trust their personal injury attorneys to be there for you and fight tooth and nail for the compensation that you deserve.

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