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What Mistakes Do Injured Workers Make After a Workplace Injury?


Being injured at work is difficult and can even be tragic. However, no injured worker should suffer a second tragedy by inadvertently making mistakes that prevent him or her from being able to obtain or retain deserved workers’ compensation benefits after suffering from a workplace injury. Even if you feel like you are suffering alone, injured workers in fact make common mistakes and many workers are therefore concerned with making sure these mistakes are avoided. Fortunately, all these mistakes are preventable.

So just what kind of common mistakes do injured workers make?

Not Filing a Claim in Time

Under Florida law, an injured worker generally must notify his or her employer of the workplace injury within 30 days of the accident or being diagnosed with an illness. If timely notice is not given, this can, unfortunately, be used to deny an injured worker the right to pursue the workers’ compensation benefits at all.

Delaying Medical Treatment

Many workplace injuries may not initially seem serious. Regardless, waiting to seek medical treatment can only work against an injured worker if he or she later chooses to pursue workers’ compensation benefits. For that reason, it is always better to seek treatment for minor injuries now in order to prevent major issues later on.

Failing to Comply With the Authorized Treatment Provider

Regardless of whether an injured worker agrees with the treatment he or she is provided by the medical provider authorized by the employer and/or its insurer, a genuine attempt to comply with instructions should still be made. Additionally, it is important to attend scheduled appointments and otherwise attempt to be cooperative. After all, failing to do so can affect your claim.

Oversharing on Social Media

Keep in mind that even the most seemingly innocent of actions can indicate that a worker was injured outside of work or even negate the injury level that he or she has claimed. Instead of posting something online that may later be regretted, injured workers should instead present evidence that helps to substantiate their workers’ compensation claim.

Attempting To Obtain Workers’ Compensation Benefits Alone

Trying to obtain workers’ compensation benefits can be a complex and intimidating process, especially to someone who is also trying to recover from workplace injuries. Alone, there is a good chance that an injured worker will accept a claim settlement too soon and for less compensation than what he or she is entitled to. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can evaluate the circumstances of your particular injury and ensure that you obtain all, not some, of the benefits that you are entitled to.

Are You Concerned About Making a Mistake Following a Workplace Injury?

Making even a simple mistake when attempting to obtain or retain workers’ compensation benefits can be detrimental to a claim. Therefore, if you or a loved one is struggling to understand what you should do after being injured in a workplace accident, allow us to help make things clear. The Miami workers’ compensation attorneys at Payer & Associates have significant experience helping people like you and you should allow us to help you get the benefits you deserve. Begin by contacting us today to schedule a free consultation.


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