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What Are The Most Difficult Injuries To Prove?


Proving the legitimacy of injuries has long been a barrier for victims seeking compensation. The truth is that insurance adjusters and defendants will look for any excuse to avoid paying out settlements, and they often question the validity of injuries. That being said, some injuries are inherently more difficult to prove than others, and this is definitely something you need to consider if you are approaching a personal injury lawsuit in the Orlando area.

Your ability to successfully prove the legitimacy of your injuries depends heavily on your ability to hire a qualified, experienced personal injury attorney in Orlando. Even the most subtle and “invisible” injuries can be proven efficiently and confidently by the best attorneys in the area. Book a consultation with one of these attorneys, and you can immediately start to develop a clear action plan.

Head Injuries 

A head injury is perhaps the most obvious example of this situation. Even those who suffer relatively serious brain injuries can seem completely healthy to onlookers. They may have suffered no loss of motor control, and their physical movements may be completely unaffected. Although head injuries can cause speech problems, this isn’t always the case. This means that many people who suffer legitimate head injuries may seem completely fine.

However, when you dig a little deeper under the surface, it can become quite clear that something is very wrong. Brain injuries can cause personality changes, depression, and even changes in sexuality. These issues can be just as life-altering – perhaps more so – than a broken leg or a disfigured face. 

Psychological Injuries 

Psychological injuries are also quite difficult to prove. These can be caused by brain injuries in some cases, but they may also be caused by other ailments. For example, someone who is injured in an apartment fire may be left with severe PTSD. Anxiety and depression are also common side-effects of injuries of all types, especially if injuries prevent people from going to work or doing the things they love. 


Whiplash is another ailment that can be difficult to prove. Like a mild head injury, this neck injury can be essentially invisible to onlookers. However, it can cause considerable discomfort for victims, and it can result in weeks of missed wages. This is why it’s always a good idea to get medical attention after an injury – even if your injury is a relatively mild issue such as whiplash. Your medical records will be used as evidence to back up your claim, helping to legitimize your injuries.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today 

The skilled Orlando personal injury attorneys at Payer Law are prepared to help you with your case. Even though your injuries may not be clearly visible to observers, you still deserve compensation. With our help, you can prove the legitimacy of these injuries in a confident, efficient manner using clear evidence. Book your consultation today, and we can get started on an effective action plan right away.


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