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The Valuation of Workplace-Related Amputations

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As humans, we take many things for granted. This includes the ability to pick up an item with your hand, to stomp your foot in an argument, or to run up to a loved one and give him or her a hug. While each of these may sound like a simple undertaking, the reality is that each of these scenarios involves the use of extremities that none of us think about very often – at least, until we no longer have them.

Sadly, as we all know, workplace accidents happen. And injured workers do not have the ability to choose the extent of their injuries. Unfortunately, some injured workers are forced to contemplate the monetary value of their limbs when they have to attempt to obtain workers’ compensation benefits after incurring a workplace injury that requires an amputation.

The Miami Herald recently reported that a Doran-based printing company has been fined a significant amount by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration after a number of reported workplace violations, including amputation hazards. While the article did not outline any specific injuries incurred, amputation hazards present a clear risk of injury.

The majority of workers only want to go to work and earn a living for their family and have no aspirations to become injured in the process. Unfortunately, sometimes an injury can come your way and place you in a predicament you never contemplated. But if this happens, you are entitled to workers’ compensation for any injuries incurred during and in the scope of your employment, and that includes those that lead to amputations.

What Kind of Benefits Are in Place For Workplace-Related Amputations in Florida?

According to analysis published by investigative journalists at ProPublica, the amount of benefits that you are entitled to depends largely on the limb that had to be amputated. After research of state workers’ compensation laws, ProPublica found that Florida provides compensation benefits in excess of the national average for the loss of some limbs, such as an arm or hand. But for the lost of most others – including a leg, foot, or finger – the average compensation is significantly less. This demonstrates why it is so important to obtain an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who can ensure that you receive all of the benefits you are entitled to.

Can the Benefits I Would Have Received For My Amputation Be Affected By Other Factors?

Yes. The amount of compensation is reduced if an employee returns to work at the same or a higher wage. Benefits can also be reduced if part of the loss was due to pre-existing conditions even if the accident at work was the primary cause of the injury.

Have You Lost a Limb as the Result of a Workplace Accident?

Then allow us to help. We sympathize with what you have suffered and have extensive experience empowering people like you to help you recover well-deserved workers’ compensation benefits for an accident that wasn’t your fault. The experienced Miami workers’ compensation attorneys at Payer & Associates will help ensure that you maximize your entitlement to workers’ compensation benefits. Begin by contacting us today to schedule a free consultation.


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