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Pedestrian Accidents Video Blog



Unfortunately, it happens. And it can happen to you. You’re walking on the street, minding your own business and a car speeds by and hits you.

Maybe the driver was texting. Maybe he or she was drinking and driving. All you know is you are in a world of pain and you need help. It’s important to know what to do next.

Personal injury attorney James Payer offers some advice:

You need to call the police to have the accident documented. You need to call fire rescue to make sure that your medical care is taken care of, to evaluate you for your injuries, find out if you’re injured and document your injuries.

Once you’ve gotten your emergency medical treatment you need to call an attorney right away so necessary actions can be taken to handle your case, and get you the money you deserve.

Lean on James Payer and Associates, you can trust their personal injury attorneys to be there for you and fight tooth and nail for the compensation that you deserve.

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