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Parasailing Safety Law Approved by Florida Senate Committee

A Florida Senate committee has unanimously approved a bill that would provide some much needed safety guidelines for parasailing companies who operate in Florida.

The proposed legislation that was approved by the committee on Thursday details specific insurance, equipment and license requirements along with weather conditions that dictate when they are required to halt their parasailing operations.

Sen. Maria Sachs, a Delray Beach Senator, is the sponsor of the much needed bill to regulate an industry that has gone without regulation for years and whose sometimes negligent operations have caused numerous accidents resulting in severe personal injury and deaths.

The bill proposes that operators carry $1 million in insurance (an amount that should be $2 million or more in my opinion), have a license issued by the United States Coast Guard and have certain types of safety and other equipment on the boat.

Accident victim Alexis Fairchild and the mother of Amber White, who died in a 2007 parasailing incident, made their very emotional and compelling pleas to the Senate committee on Thursday.

This is not the last hurdle for this much needed legislation that will provide protection for Florida residents and visitors.

For more information on this legislation while it makes its way to possibly becoming law check back to the blog for updates.

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