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GM Recalls 1.6 Million Vehicles for Ignition Switch Problems

Ten years after General Motors first became aware of problems with the ignition switch used on millions of its vehicles they finally issued a recall of 1.6 million vehicles it manufactured over the past decade. The ignition switch problem is thought to have caused hundreds of automobile crashes and has been linked to more than 13 deaths.

The defective condition is thought to cause the engine and other components, including front airbags, to be unintentionally turned off while the vehicle is being driven. This causes the vehicle to become uncontrollable while traveling at significant rates of speed. Could you imagine traveling 60 miles an hour on the highway in rush hour when all of a sudden you can no longer control your vehicle? That scary thought was a reality for more than a dozen people who were traveling in Florida vehicles manufactured by General Motors with this defect only to crash to their unfortunate deaths.

It has it taken more than 10 years for this recall to take place. And a good question to ask is “why it took so long for the recall to be issued in the first place?” Another good question to ask is “what can we do to prevent this type of unnecessary delay in the future?” At this point United States safety regulators have opened an investigation into whether General Motors reacted swiftly enough in issuing this recall. Let’s hope they find out what went wrong here and take quick corrective measures to prevent the unnecessary loss of life in the future.

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