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Getting Compensated for Less Obvious Workplace Injuries


While a worker is injured every seven seconds in a variety of ways, the most common workers’ compensation claims center around injuries that are pretty obvious and for one good reason – they are the easiest to obtain compensation for. It is always more straightforward, for example, to demonstrate that a documented workplace accident that led to a broken arm is work-related than a respiratory illness that developed over an extended period of time as the result of repeated occupational exposure. However, that doesn’t mean that workers’ compensation benefits cannot be obtained for less obvious workplace injuries. But in many of these cases, injured workers should turn to an experienced legal team like those at Payer & Associates as early as possible in order to secure the deserved compensation.

What Should Be Understood About Obtaining Compensation for Less Obvious Workplace Injuries in Particular?

The good news is that Florida’s workers’ compensation statute covers most injuries that occur at a workplace during the scope of employment and, generally speaking, that includes less obvious injuries. However, you should also understand that your employer and its insurance company have more grounds in these cases to deny a claim. Therefore, you will essentially have to show that your claimed injury is a direct result of your work activity when it comes to conditions that aren’t as visibly linked to your job. It should be fully understood that workers’ compensation will only cover injuries or illnesses that have directly resulted from the result of employment, but also that the injury can be the result of a single incident or even of the environment itself. But proving the relationship between your injury and your workplace can be challenging in these cases since the medical facts can be extremely complex which the insurance adjusters that will investigate your claim may use to argue that your injuries have a separate origin.

What Else Should You Know About Becoming Injured at Work?

There are a few things you should remember if you are involved in any type of workplace accident. Understanding and undertaking these actions in a timely manner can be especially important when it comes to suffering from a less obvious workplace injury. Following a workplace accident, injury, or illness, ensure that you:

  • Get immediate medical attention. Keep in mind that even if your injury seems minor, there are many injuries that may not produce symptoms for days or even weeks. Additionally, this is documentation that can later help validate the circumstances of your claim. Ensure that you retain all medical records and bills associated with your injury.
  • Tell your boss. Talk to your supervisor about your injury as soon as you suspect you have one and make sure that a report is made. As soon as you are able, you should ask for a copy of the injury report.
  • Contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. You should obtain legal help for your claim early on as you may reduce or even eliminate your entitlement to the benefits you could have received by pursuing your claim alone.

We Are the Obvious Choice for the Legal Help You Need.

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