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Family Files Lawsuit After Man Dies At Blackjack Table


A lawsuit has been filed against a Las Vegas casino after a Florida lawyer went into cardiac arrest while at the table. Since casinos have CC footage rolling at all times, there is a video of the dealer continuing to deal cards to another player after it became obvious that the man was in some form of distress. He was unresponsive and slumped over in his chair, and the dealer simply continued to deal cards.

The family believes that their loved one would still be alive had the dealer attempted to get help immediately. They’re probably right. The casino employees attempted to use a defibrillator on the man, but were untrained on its use.

An attorney representing the casino characterized the claims as false and stated that they would strongly defend the lawsuit. However, it’s likely that there is video of the man slumped in his chair for 15 minutes just as the plaintiffs allege. If so, it looks bad for the casino.

How will a jury interpret the incident? 

A jury would hope that in the same situation, someone would call emergency medical personnel immediately instead of dealing cards to the guy who is still alive. In the case of cardiac arrest, timely treatment is important. At some point, your brain is being deprived of oxygen. It will begin dying the longer it is starved. In other words, the man was dying while the dealer was dealing the cards.

If the casino wants to say that didn’t happen at all, then the video will need to prove that. In this case, the entire outcome of the plaintiff’s allegations will rest on whether or not the dealer spent 15 minutes dealing the other guy in after his other customer became unresponsive.

Is the casino responsible for the man’s death? 

It’s complicated. The casino has a duty of care to ensure the safety of their guests. That means that they must act in accord with the actions of a reasonable person in the same situation. The jury would be asked, if the video shows what the plaintiffs claim, whether or not a reasonable person would have left the man unresponsive while dealing in another player. If not, then the casino is responsible for not responding to the man’s situation in a way that the jury would expect.

On the other hand, a blackjack dealer is not a doctor, so the dealer will likely claim that he didn’t know that the man was in crisis. He thought he just fell asleep. The jury will then be asked to determine if a reasonable person would have thought the man was asleep. If not, then the plaintiff wins.

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