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Factors to Consider Before Settling Your Workers’ Compensation Claim


If you have found yourself among the thousands of workers who are injured in the scope of employment every year, you have likely begun the process of pursuing a Florida workers’ compensation claim to help offset unexpected expenses such as medical bills and a sudden loss of income. And when you receive the lump sum settlement offer that will inevitably be presented at some point in your case by your employer or its insurance company, it can be tempting to accept the first amount you hear. However, you need to think hard before you accept a settlement offer and you should carefully consider whether or not this is the best decision for you both now and in the future. Let’s discuss the factors you should consider in deciding if and when you should settle your case.

The Value of Your Claim

The more serious your injuries, the longer that you can generally expect your claim to take – but also the higher the value your claim likely has. And as appealing as a settlement offer from your employer or the insurance company may seem, you should be aware that any amount that the adjuster willingly offers is probably much lower than what you are actually entitled to. Don’t devalue your own claim by settling too soon.

The Current State of Your Injuries

As much as the idea of obtaining the compensation you deserve may be, your health is the most important factor to consider. Ideally, you will not want to settle your claim until you have reached a place of maximum medical improvement, meaning that your health has stabilized to the point that it is unlikely to worsen or get better anytime soon. However, we are also cognizant of the fact that all workers’ compensation doctors are not created equal. If you genuinely feel you are receiving insufficient care, it may be better to secure a lump sum settlement that enables you to take control of your medical needs.

The Fact That There Are No Second Chances

Many aspects of life offer no second chances, and workers’ compensation claims are no different. You will likely be contacted by a seemingly kind and friendly insurance adjuster or even your own management who may encourage you to end treatment and return to work too soon. However, while adverse parties have an interest in saving money, you should keep at the front of your mind that once you settle, there are no do-overs no matter how much worse your injuries get. Talking with a workers’ compensation lawyer as early as possible will give you a clear picture of whether or not you have a solid claim and the timeline that you should be pursuing one under.

Don’t Settle When Choosing a Legal Team

The law regarding workers’ compensation law can be very confusing and it can be difficult to figure out the right moment that you should settle your claim. If you don’t know whether or not you should settle or otherwise have questions about the claims process, it is imperative that you reach out to an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. As the Miami workers’ compensation attorneys at Payer & Associates, we have a knowledgeable and dependable legal team that you can trust to handle your claim in even the most difficult of scenarios. The earlier you reach out to us, the earlier that we can get to work for you.

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