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Denied Insurance Claims Video Blog



You pay your insurance premiums like clockwork to have peace of mind that unforeseeable losses will be covered. Then you get into an accident and expect your insurance company to be there for you only to have your claim denied.

The culture within insurance companies is profit-driven. As a result, many legitimate claims are wrongfully denied.

Insurance Claims Lawyer James Payer offers some advice:

Insurance companies are almost never on your side. In fact, the insurance companies only care about one thing. That is their own profitability. How do they stay profitable? Don’t pay out on claims. How do they avoid paying out on claims? Contact you early to have you say something or give them information regarding your accident that limits your injuries.

Insurers often phrase their denial letters so that policyholders are convinced the denial is appropriate, even though it is not. An attorney who has experience dealing with insurers, judges, and juries can evaluate whether it is worth litigating an insurance claim that has been denied.

Lean on James Payer and Associates, you can trust their personal injury and insurance claim attorneys to be there for you for guidance on your legal options and to fight tooth and nail for the compensation that you deserve.

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