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Dealing With Insurance Claims Bullying After Car Accidents


Today’s well-informed shopper is more cultured than ever when it comes to insurance enterprises. They are privy to how insurers treat victims after they’ve been ‘disturbed’ by having to send insurance adjusters and fight with attorneys.

For the disingenuously treated policyholder that may stumble upon this article, you’re not alone. Millions fall victim to the unjust pocket-stuffing methods used by insurers. And now, it’s time to stand up.

But first, learn several things you can do prior to retaining an insurance claims attorney.

Get a Clear, Concise Understanding of Policy

The perks of switching insurance carriers are often delivered via email, television or printed posted cards. But what you’re not told is how the insurance company assesses risk when giving you a new insurance policy. After accidents, you tend to find out everything many of us fail to read. For example, specific clauses and coverages that seemed to magically appear and disappear after the claims adjuster is done.

If you’re unsure what specifics are stated in your policy, and you call your insurance company under the advisement of your attorney, don’t let them talk over you. Ask them specific questions about the policy which you’ve been paying for without divulging information regarding claims, accident details or attorney that you’ve hired. As a policyholder, you’ve got the right to know fine print on demand.

Don’t Rely on Insurance Doctors

Theoretically speaking, insurers would rather usher you into their own doctors’ offices because they frequently receive patient diagnoses that are favorable to their defense. Once you’ve seen their doctors, it becomes really hard to convince them to fairly settle out of court because they’ve got evidence claiming you’re much better off than you physically feel. Or so they purport.

Don’t get duped into using doctors chosen by insurance companies. You’re under no obligation to visit physicians outside your family’s preferred practice, and you’re certainly not bound by one  medical professional’s loose estimation of your physical ailments.

Collect several professional opinions that closely mirror each other. The results will amaze you.

You’re Not to Blame, Although You’ll Be Told Otherwise

It’s bad enough that your physical condition isn’t that great post-accident; insurance empires add insult to injury by pointing out the fact driving 1 MPH over the speed limit forced an oncoming vehicle – who ran a red light – to slam into your front fender. Nothing is more discouraging than hearing how defective your driving skills are when your actions weren’t erroneous. Which the Miami car accidents attorney you retain will gladly point out.

Insurers are notorious for their ‘above the law’ persona in court, although their futile attempts at citing insurance law are laughable at best. Equipped with accident specifics, victim impact statement and whatever accident video was commandeered from nearby cameras, only a jury or judge can legally determine which driver was at fault, and why.

Prepondering facts are often damning, which is why insurance company legal departments are quick to either get key pieces of evidence deemed inadmissible – or settle the case before it hits court.

Demand What You’re Owed

Appreciate this fact before phoning an attorney: your insurer will offer compensation at whatever rate they deem appropriate for your inconvenience, injuries and that’s it. This translates to mere pennies on the dollar for a life-altering accident that your insurer promised to indemnify. It’s not only unethical to offer someone a pittance when they’re unable to work for months to come, it’s lunacy.

An attorney will get every penny your medical bills, pain, suffering, vehicle repairs and lost wages are worth. So, if your $45,000 Mercedes gets sideswiped, and your insurance deductible and GAP coverage only offers $33,500 after deductible, seeking enough to cover the shortfall isn’t an unreasonable proposition.

More importantly, take action immediately to preserve evidence to back what you’re requesting.

Let Us Help You Today

Insurance companies will never stop oppressing the same customers they spent millions in advertising trying to lure. Too many large companies providing varying levels of vehicular indemnity, settlements are a mere formality – a quid pro quo for doing business in America.

Confusion or verbal melee brought on by insurers shouldn’t prevent you from getting every penny your calamity is worth. If you need help, an incredible Miami car accidents attorney awaits you.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Payer & Associates in Miami. Call, use the contact form or stop by our Miami office and fight insurance claims through the power of experienced representation.


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