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Boca Nursing Home Sued For Wrongful Death


A Boca Raton nursing home is facing a wrongful death lawsuit after the death of one of their residents. This is not the first time this nursing home has been sued. The lawsuit blames incompetent staff, understaffing, and a failure to provide reasonable care and medical services to the patient. The lawsuit names bedsores, infection, and sepsis among the injuries the plaintiff faced. It also names delayed treatment for the infections as a probable cause for her passing. The lawsuit also alleges that the nursing home failed to report known abuse.

The same nursing home has faced at least seven such lawsuits since 2013. To boot, several inspections revealed numerous problems with the facility until recently when the facility managed to pass a state inspection without citation.

Allegations against the nursing home 

  • A patient’s rights lawsuit alleged that the nursing home failed to properly attend to a patient who suffered permanent injuries as a result of their failure.
  • A wrongful death lawsuit was filed after a patient died of aspiration pneumonia.
  • A patient suffered injury after he slipped and fell within the facility.
  • A patient died of infection after several bedsores were left untreated.
  • A patient suffered a subdural hematoma after a slip and fall.
  • A patient developed a large stage-4 bedsore resulting in infection and death.

Citations against the nursing home 

Generally speaking, when there is a patient death, regulators will inspect the nursing home to determine if the quality of care is sufficiently high and that staff are properly trained to deal with residents.

In 2016, the nursing home was cited for failing to ensure every resident was assessed by a qualified doctor or health care provider. They were also cited for failing to ensure the dignity of their patients. They were further cited for failing to prepare food in a sanitary environment and failing to administer prescriptions in a professional manner.

In 2017, the situation appeared to be getting worse with state inspectors noting more and worse violations than those found in 2016. These included failing to ensure the safe discharge of residents, failing to dispense medication as prescribed, rude and unhelpful staff, failing to provide social activities, failing to keep the facility sanitary, improper dietary plans, failure to initiate infection control, and failure to turn over lab tests in a timely manner.

In 2018, the number of reported violations dwindled rapidly and by 2019, state investigators reported no outstanding issues at the facility. However, the most recent wrongful death lawsuit makes familiar allegations.

Talk to a Miami Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Today 

Our most vulnerable loved ones are at the mercy of nursing home staff which often have quality of care issues related to understaffing and budgetary constraints that are completely manufactured. If your loved one has been injured, abused, or lost their life due to nursing home abuse, call the Miami personal injury lawyers at Payer Law today to set up a free consultation and learn more about how we can help.

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